'We are proud of our sense of community, with the quality of relationships between staff and students characterised by trust, respect and mutual support.'

MAT Governance

The Trust operates with the following vision and ethos:

Our vision is to develop resilient and caring young people who aspire to achieve their full potential and to make a contribution to society. We will do this by providing an enriched curriculum and creating an inspiring and supportive teaching and learning environment.


Our ethos focuses on making sure that every student has the opportunity to progress and develop in all aspects, preparing them to face the future. We value the richness and diversity of the educational experience we offer, both within and beyond the classroom. We believe that these values are also vital in developing our professional, dedicated and highly competent members of staff. We are proud of our sense of community, with the quality of relationships between staff and students characterised by trust, respect and mutual support.

The Members – The five Members meet twice a year or when necessary; an AGM every December and can attend any other meeting. The Members are responsible for overall oversight of The Perins MAT and for appointing the majority of the Trustees. Two of the five Members are also Trustees; three are independent.


Trust Board – The ten Trustees, including the Executive Headteacher (EHT), meet minimum twice a term with other meetings as required, have overall responsibility and liability for running The Perins MAT (company directors and charity trustees) and can attend any other meeting.  Trust Board meetings may be attended by members of operational staff as required. The Trustees are responsible for setting the strategic vision of the MAT, holding the school leadership to account, managing the school finances effectively and efficiently, and approving the annual accounts.


Four Committees

- Students & Standards Committee meets twice a term and attended by the Headteacher of each school

- Resources Committee meets twice a term and is attended by the Business Manager and a senior member of the Finance Team

- Audit & Risk Committee (ARC) meets twice a term, plus with Auditors to receive the audit findings report after the end of the financial year

- Pay & Performance Management Committee (PPMC) meets once a term

The process of establishing 2 Local Advisory Boards (LABs) is underway, one at Perins School and one at Sun Hill Junior School, with elected parent and staff representatives plus Trustees attending on a rota basis.  The LABs discuss school-related topics and make recommendations to the Trust Board.


The ARC and PPMC are made up of Trustees (majority), as well as members of staff. The EHT is also the Accounting Officer for The Perins MAT, supported by the BM and the CFO.


The Members and Trustees of The Perins MAT bring a wealth of experience to their roles – finance, PR, local authority, religion, education, data analysis, premises, health & safety, human resources, strategy, business and fundraising, in both public and private sectors.

Who is eligible to become a parent member of a LAB? 

Any parent with a child currently on roll at Perins or SHJS is eligible to become a member of a LAB.  If there are more applications than vacancies we will hold an election.  There are some restrictions about eligibility and more information is available from the Chair of Trustees at governors@perins.hants.sch.uk  and the Department for Education website.  To contact any of The MAT Members, Trustees or Local Governors, please email governors@perins.hants.sch.uk.

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